The Oscar Efrén Reyes Foundation celebrates 20 years of institutional life.

In this blog we consider it important to recount the ideals for which the Foundation was created, as well as the educational and cultural activities that have been developed to preserve the name and work of Oscar Efrén Reyes.

FOER has made a special effort during these years to carry out conservation and environmental education programs. As well as activities to link the Foundation with the community.

In this blog we aspire to recount the work of two decades, inspired by our Patron.

Oscar Efrén Reyes as seen by one of his granddaughters

Obras de Oscar Efren Reyes

Oscar Efrén Reyes, my illustrious grandfather, died when I was three months old. He knew that little girl, the only offspring of his daughter Olga. On the other hand, “I didn’t know him”, so much so that I obviously don’t remember him. All I know about him is from my mother’s and uncles’ stories. Later, when I learn about his biography and works.This short story does not pretend to be a biography, on the contrary, it is an anecdotal and…


On the eve of commemorating another year of the birth of Don Oscar Efrén Reyes, illustrious historian, journalist and teacher from Baños, I consider it most appropriate, as a tribute, to transcribe a few lines about the name of the land where he was born, Baños, taken from his work: Baños, desde sus orígenes al Cabildo (Baños, from its origins to the Cabildo). “Name of Baños de Agua Santa”:In indigenous language, the primitive denomination of Baños, was that of “Ipo”,…

Twenty years of the Oscar Efrén Reyes Foundation

(first part) Initiatives are a beginning, not an end, that is why the effort to create something always starts at the beginning, starting from the end of a person or significant event. Thus, when Óscar Efrén Reyes left us in 1966, following in his footsteps, many of us asked ourselves a question: and… now? Many of us answered with an initiative: the teachings of a person must endure in time, because that is how we humans are, we push each…