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As a non-profit organization, requires the participation of volunteers to carry out the purposes proposed in its statutes, which stipulate service to the community from two important areas: cultural and educational enrichment and study, protection and dissemination Of environmental values ​​and nature.

The volunteers required can be natural persons, national and foreign, those who show vital interests in the areas mentioned above and who also want to project themselves in the community.
The academic subjects in which the volunteer should help are:

Environmental Department:
Biological field research:
Zoology, Botany and Ecology.
· Biological inventories inside and outside the canton Baños.
· Herpetofauna monitoring of the Tungurahua volcano.
· Mountain Tapir Conservation Project in the central Andes of Ecuador.
· Management and sustainable use of natural resources.
· Watershed management, reforestation, management of flora and fauna.
· Environmental education.
· Awareness talks.